Why choose Corian for your bathroom?

In Novellshop, we highlight Corian as an excellent choice when choosing a material for your bathroom. This material, classified as Solid Surface and developed by Dupont, is commonly used in the creation of washbasins, vanity tops, accessories, … as well as for many other uses.

Corian Solid Surface, thanks to its exceptional characteristics, stands as a valuable tool for a state-of-the-art bathroom design. Its adaptability makes it ideal and recommended for use in bathrooms of any style and in which a touch of modernity is sought.

For more information about Corian, you can visit the following link: What is Corian?


The main features and benefits why you should choose Corian for the realization of your sink, countertop, … of your bathroom are the following.

  • This material is suitable for all types of spaces in a home (sinks or kitchens). Its adaptability is maximum.
  • Its resistance to ultraviolet rays ensures that it is not affected by prolonged exposure to the sun, preserving its shape and hygiene.
  • The sinks do not have joints, since their manufacture does not require joints to join different parts, allowing the union of large pieces with special two-component adhesives, which simplifies cleaning.
  • Corian is completely impermeable and antibacterial, promoting the hygiene of the environment in which it is located. Something very important in spaces such as a bathroom.
  • Its hardness and abrasion resistance make it a safe choice in case of fire, as the gases resulting from combustion are non-toxic.
  • In addition, being non-porous, Corian effectively resists stains and is easy to clean and wash.

You can check many more of its advantages at: BENEFITS OF CORIAN SOLID SURFACE

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