Corian Solid Surface Termodesign Bench


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Stool / Stool made of Corian Solid Surface.

Measures 40cm long x 33cm deep x 40cm high.

Color White (Classic White).

Perfect for use in the bathroom, shower or any other area of the home.

Seamless. All made from a single piece.

Elegant and modern stool, perfect to give a touch of exclusivity to your bathroom.

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Stool / Stool suitable for use in the bathroom or any other area of the home. Manufactured entirely in material Corian. Bench exclusive and modern.

This stool, made of Corian Solid Surface, has the following features:

  • Seamless.
  • Non-porous
  • Thermoformable
  • Heavy duty
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fully repairable
  • Thermoregulable (adapts to ambient temperature)
  • 100% hygienic
  • Antibacterial

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What is Corian?

Undoubtedly one of the best Solid Surface materials on the market. This Corian brand material was developed and manufactured by the U.S. company DuPont.

Thanks to its synthetic composition, it is ideal for manufacturing solid surfaces with premium finishes, allowing us to create all kinds of projects, accessories and complements for bathrooms, kitchens, designer furniture and much more.

If you want a bathroom accessory that is 100% hygienic and antibacterial, perfect for use in the shower, very durable, maintenance-free and easy to clean, the Solid Surface Corian stool Termodesign model will meet all your expectations.

Solid Surface, premium accessories for your bathroom.

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