Features and advantages of countertop washbasins

A countertop sink is a type of bathroom sink that sits on the countertop surface, rather than being recessed into it. In other words, the top of the sink is visible and sits above the countertop level, creating a distinctive and striking appearance in the bathroom.

This type of sink has become very popular in contemporary bathroom decor because of its modern style and versatility in terms of design. Countertop sinks are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, allowing homeowners to customize their look to suit their preferences and the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

Buy Solid Surface Countertop Sink


Countertop sinks made of Solid Surface Corian enjoy great popularity in contemporary bathrooms thanks to their striking aesthetics and versatility.

The following are the most important features of these washbasins:

  • Visible on the surface: These washbasins are installed on the bathroom countertop, so that their top is visible and above the level of the countertop. This creates a distinctive and unique appearance.
  • Wide diversity of styles and shapes: Countertop sinks are available in a diverse range of shapes and styles, from circular and oval basins to square and rectangular basins. There are also more extravagant and creative designs to suit your personal preferences.
  • Simple installation: The installation of a countertop sink is usually simpler compared to other types of sinks, as it is simply placed on the countertop and connected to the plumbing. This simplifies bathroom renovation without the need for a complete remodel.
  • Contemporary style: Countertop sinks are the preferred choice in contemporary style bathrooms due to their modern and elegant appearance. They can become the central element of the bathroom decoration.
  • Easy maintenance: Since these washbasins are countertop-mounted, it is easy to clean both the interior and exterior. This facilitates maintenance and ensures a hygienic bathroom environment.
  • Custom height adjustment: You have the option to select the height at which you want to install the countertop sink, allowing you to customize it according to your needs and preferences.
  • Variety of faucet options: Countertop sinks offer flexibility in faucet choice. You can opt for wall-mounted faucets, countertop-mounted faucets or even freestanding faucets, depending on your preferred style and location.
  • Adaptable design: Thanks to their versatility and adaptability, countertop sinks fit both large and small bathrooms, and are an exceptional choice for both master and guest bathrooms.

In short, countertop sinks are a versatile and captivating design choice that can add a touch of contemporary style and uniqueness to your bathroom. Their features make them a popular choice for those who want a unique and modern bathroom.

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