Tips for choosing a Solid Surface washbasin countertop

When choosing and purchasing a Solid Surface sink countertop for your bathroom, it is important to pay attention to several aspects. In order not to fail in your choice, in this post we show you the most important ones.


To facilitate the purchase of any Solid Surface washbasin countertop to install in a bathroom, there are certain key points that we always advise you to keep in mind. The following is a list of those we consider most relevant:

  • Match the center of the sink with the wall drain.
  • If we have faucets in the countertop (Dim 5cm) we will leave at least 10 cm between the wall and the sink.
  • If we have wall-mounted faucets, it will depend on the length of the wall to move the sink closer to or further away from the wall, so that the water falls centered on the sink.
Suspended Countertop Sinks

This type of countertop is usually manufactured with front and side skirt of at least 10cm, thus hiding the sink and the siphon of this. Apart from the support brackets.

The support brackets must not be lowered more than the aforementioned skirt, must have at least 4 bolting points and, above all, must be resistant.

In Novellshop we have white painted iron gussets that adapt to all types of countertops.

Countertops Over Cabinet

It is important to know the space we have in the cabinet to choose the model of washbasin, as well as to choose the depth of the washbasin countertop.

If we have a cabinet depth of 50 cm (counting the drawer fronts) the countertop should have a depth between 50.2 and 51 cm. This will prevent water from touching the drawer fronts and give a more streamlined finish.

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