Tips for buying a bathroom sink

The sink is the key piece of our bathroom, so it is important not to make a mistake in your choice when buying yours.

That is why, and to help you choose the most suitable, in today’s post we show you some recommendations for purchase as well as the different types of washbasins that currently exist in the market.

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Aspects to take into account when choosing your washbasin

Before we begin, we would like to comment on something that in our opinion is essential. In many occasions we have found that customers do not have a detailed idea when buying their washbasin, they just have a general idea; I want a nice washbasin, color X with an even nicer faucet. And that’s fine, of course we have to like it! In the end we are going to see it and use it several times a day.

But beware, it’s not all about aesthetics! Apart from beautiful we should take into account many other things, but it all boils down to one question:

What use are we going to make of it? Will it be complimentary, guest, children’s or a double bedroom suite?

This simple question conditions us in:

  • Worktop size
  • Number of breasts
  • Spacing
  • Storage capacity
  • Type of faucet
  • Worktop height
  • Construction details, as well as: baseboards, skirting, type of guides and handles.

Too much hassle? Not at all! is to answer the question and make the right choice. Period.

Types of washbasins or countertop

So that you can choose and buy the most suitable washbasin for your needs, below we show you the main types of washbasins available on the market.

Single-bowl countertop

A simple but effective solution when we find a good wall covering and we want to give a minimalist effect to our bathroom.
one integrated breast with a thick, thin worktop.

We can always add a small plinth and change the sink for a more sophisticated one.

Double-bowl countertop

We have two possibilities; the one we have seen before with one breast for two or the one we will see now, two breasts and each one with its space.

Countertop sink(s)

Very fashionable in recent times, especially for courtesy bathrooms and hotels. A bet for aesthetics, as they are not as functional and hygienic as the integrated ones.

Suspended” countertop

It is a very aesthetic solution, as long as we have no need for storage or we have it solved on the other hand.
With a good skirt to hide the breast. Although we can find suspended countertops without skirtings.

Worktop integrated in cabinet

The option we like the most, elegance in its purest form without turning its back on functionality in terms of storage. You can choose the number of drawers and their size!

Needless to say, everything we have seen is totally combinable. There are no rules in this.
We hope we have been helpful with this information!

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