Solid Surface in decoration. Colors and possibilities

Today we will talk about decoration, decoration with Solid Surface. This material is infinitely combinable. Since it can vary in shape, thickness and, above all, colors.
Minimalism is in fashion (we don’t know if it has ever stopped being so). Plain and uncluttered colors, fine lines, sober designs, ….. That’s why with a good job we can achieve a purely minimalist setting with Solid Surface.

Here is an example: we manufacture washbasin furniture apparently very simple but at the same time, incredibly elegant and modernist.
Often, as in this case, less is more.

If we go to other decorative styles, Solid Surface can offer us a wide range of colors and textures that can be combined with everything. We will also have colors and textures for backlighting.

And not only that, but we can play with the thicknesses to our liking, there are customers who ask us for the 9mm washbasin top. (hyperminimalism), and there are other customers who prefer 5, 6, or 7cm thick, to emulate the washbasin envelopes of yesteryear or more rustic.

Precisely, playing with greater thicknesses allows us to go to the rustic and loaded designs, here it will be a matter of choosing the right color, a suitable color to combine with wood and some type of steel, although we can say that the white Solid Surface combines perfectly in rustic environments and gives the perfect touch to “download” or the environment.

Solid Surface and thermoforming

Solid Surface also allows us to thermoform, this means that we can create modernist spaces with this same material, with impossible curves and/or undulations, achieving unique and incomparable shapes.

In short, Solid Surface is a versatile material that, if well combined, looks great in any type of space.

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