Complete Solid Surface Guide

For information purposes, in today’s post we want to answer some of the main questions about Solid Surface. We show you the most important ones:

What is Solid Surface

Today there are many, many Solid Surface brands and manufacturers and many, many others that claim to be Solid Surface. Each manufacturer uses its own formulas and so on, so in general Solid Surface is composed of acrylic resin and aluminum mineral fillers, apart from the coloring pigment.

The aluminum mineral gives it great strength and durability. The acrylic resin allows the material to be thermoformed (more on this later) and can be repaired at any time.

Where and what it is used for

Its 3 most common applications are as follows:

  • Bathroom: Washbasin, shower tray and/or shower cubicle, nests, shelves and other accessories.
  • Kitchen: all countertops of the same material, including scrubber drier.
  • Counters and bars.

In addition to these 3 areas of application, Solid Surface can be found in many others, as it is used to make furniture of all kinds, such as tables, exclusive accessories, etc.

The good thing about this material is that with minimal maintenance, which we will see later, it will always be impeccable.


The main features of Solid Surface and its main advantages and benefits are:

  • Seamless. We can make any surface we want, with any shape and geometry we want without perceiving any joint.
  • It is non-porous, so it cannot be stained, we recommend you to watch the
    video of our previous post
    in which we performed a liquid test.
  • Solid Surface has a high impact resistance, withstands daily wear and tear perfectly. Its surface is closed and without pores.
  • Aseptic and easy to clean. For daily maintenance you will only have to clean it with soapy water or creamy detergents to remove stains and dirt that may be deposited on the surface, rinsing properly afterwards. Following this process will reduce the risk of infections.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-slip.
  • It is a repairable material.

Solid Surface Colors

It will depend on the manufacturer, but we will have no problem since Corian offers more than 50 and Betacryl about 10 colors (more than enough).

However, some of them are not recommended for certain applications. for example; dark colors such as black are not recommended for areas of daily use, such as the kitchen or bathroom countertop. On the contrary, the most hygienic and long-lasting colors are light colors. The price is also a factor, white is the most economical and long-lasting color, and it looks great in any application!


The price depends on measurements and other factors, but you can get an idea by visiting or consulting one of the links below.

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